Cooking With Beer

Cooking with beer will add moisture and flavor to the food. People have been cooking with beer for thousands of years. There are some ways to use beer to enhance the flavor of food.

Know the Types

types of beer

There are three types of beer. There are ales, lagers, and stouts. Ales and lagers can be used for cooking and will add flavor to recipes. Stouts can be used in desserts for a rich taste.

Enhance the Food

Do not just add any beer to the food. The beer should compliment the food. Pale ale does with many different types of recipes and has a light flavor to it. Brown beer is often used in cheese sauces. Belgian ales work best with meat especially steak. Fruity beer or ales are best kept to the sweet desserts. Wheat based beers and ales can enhance the taste of seafood. Lagers are used for breads because they can help the dough to rise. This type of beer can also be used in the place of yeast when making homemade bread and even pancakes. Add beer to a batter then deep frying the food can make it light and crispy.

Determine How to Use the Beer

Beer can play a number of different roles when cooking. The most common role of beer is to enhance the flavor of the food especially meat. Beer can work as a natural tenderizer for meat and can be used to enhance recipes that call for yeast. It can also be used for deglazing and sauce making. Start off by adding a little bit of beer to the food. If a person wants a stronger flavor they can always add more.

These are just some of the ways that beer can be used in cooking. Beer can make the food have a better flavor and will add a great taste to the meal.